If you love Horses and Horse Games, then you've come to the Right Place!

The Wild Ones

My love of horses and horse games is part of my earliest childhood memories.

As far back as I can remember, I've loved horses.  They held a fascination for me, that nothing could equal. My whole world revolved around horses, and I spent every waking hour dreaming and thinking of how I could get my horse fix.

I saved like mad for horse riding lessons, volunteered to work at horse riding stables, read countless books on horse care, and pestered my parents to send me on horse riding holidays!

Horse posters adorned the walls of my bedroom, and pony books sat on my shelves, while I daydreamed, always trying to fill my horse void.  I came close, adopting a horse, and taking every opportunity to hitch a ride out to my best friend's cousins' place to exercise their horses.

My friends and I used to visit local paddocks on a regular basis.  We befriended horses, and made believe that they belonged to us!  When we were really little, we would even pretend we were horses. We gave each other horse names, and galloped about making all sorts of funny horse noises.

It must have been an hereditary trait, as my daughter was the same.

As a little girl, she loved horse coloring pictures and photos of horses, too. They covered the walls of her bedroom, almost blocking out the wallpaper!

Her favorite toys were farm sets and models of horses. As she grew up, she collected a range of horsey things which filled her bedroom.

From soft toys to detailed models, posters to beautiful photographs, board games to computer games and books to DVD's, if it was horsey, she was interested in it. She still is!

My daughter and I wanted to build a website which would be a safe place for kids like you to come and have fun and at the same time learn something about horses.

We have gathered together a heap of information and fun horse games which you can play at home. There are even a few surprises! Just make sure you have fun!!

Three White Horses

Horses Have Fun Too!

Horses love to play games. If you or your friends have horses, you might be able to play games with them.

My daughter used to work at an Andalusian horse stud every Saturday. She cleaned the stalls, fed and groomed the horses and had a lot of fun with them. When she had some free time, she would go and play games with the horses.

One of the things they liked to play with was a very big ball. They nosed it around, and loved being circled. They cantered around jumping and playing!! It was a very amusing and fun time for both horse and carer!!

If you love horses, you're in good company! We can swap horse stories, information and ideas. Just post your comments, and I'll upload them to my website, so that other people can enjoy them too.

Please feel free to ask all the questions you want and I'll do my best to answer them. I'd like you to share Horse Games for Kids with me, and help me to build a fun, safe place for kids of all ages to learn about horses.

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